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What Size Table?

What Size Table?

Below is some information that will help determine the best size & shape table to suit your space & accommodate the required number of people. If you're not sure, just ask us & we'll be happy to assist with selecting the right design & size to suit.

The Standards.

While we specialise in custom made dining tables, standard dimensions are a great starting point & suit most pieces, especially tables. They have been refined over the course of history, based off typical ergonomics, room dimensions & suit most chairs.

What Size Table do I need?

Allow a minimum of 600mm per person/ seating space.
Don’t forget to account for the table leg design, position & dimensions.
Allow a minimum of 900mm from the edge of the table to any obstructions like walls or other furniture.

Table Sizes (Design dependant)

4 seater: 900-1200mm
8 seater: 1200-1500mm

6 seater: 1600 - 1800mm (2 people along each side & 1 at each end)
8 seater: 2200 - 2400mm (3 people along each side & 1 at each end)
10 seater: 2700 - 3000mm (4 people along each side & 1 at each end)
12 seater: 2800 - 3000mm (4 people along each side & 2 at each end)
14 seater: 3000mm+ (5 people along each side & 2 at each end)

6-8 seater: 1500-1600mm diameter
8-10 seater: 1700-1800mm diameter
10+ seater: 2000mm+ diameter

Leg/Base Design

The design, position & size of the legs/base is an important consideration for the overall size table/number of seats you require. A pedestal base does not impede on legroom. The legs at the immediate corners also has no impact on seating room as the seats are bewteen the legs. A hoop/loop leg design requires the legs to be inset if there are to be seats on the ends. Likewise they need to be inset from the edges for seating space in front of them. If you’re unsure, just ask, we’re happy to help.

Dining Table Height

Most tables are 750mm high. If you have an existing table & like (or dislike the height) it’s a good idea to measure it so we can make it accordingly.

Dining Table Width

Typically, 6 seaters are 1000-1100mm wide. 8 seaters 1100-1200mm wide & 10-14 seaters are 1200-1300mm wide. The design, & available space is most often the determining factor.

Will My Chairs Fit?

What chairs do you have? How big are they? Do they have arms? This information will help us make sure we build your table to suit.


Be sure to check the delivery access, especially in apartments or where lifts are used. We can usually find a way to get your table delivered safely with some prior planning.